A big thank you to everyone who attended the community workshop and shared your ideas about the future of the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment.

The day was jam packed, full of rich and interesting conversation. Around 25 people, with a mix of interests and relationships to the sub-catchment, came along to hear from a variety of speakers and explore the challenges and opportunities in developing an integrated water management plan.

You can watch this short video to learn more or scroll down to read about the workshop outcomes.

Summary of the community workshop outcomes

Snapshot of the community values

We asked participants what they value most about the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment. Here is a summary of what they said:

Snapshot image of community values

Draft community principles

We asked participants to provide input into a set of guiding community principles for the future of the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment:

Draft community principles image

Overarching messages

Across the day there were some overarching key messages that came through the discussions. These are summarised as follows:

  • Business-as-usual is not OK. Minimising the impact on the environment is important but the focus needs to be on regenerative practices.
  • Water is central to how to design and develop sustainable, connected and climate resilient neighbourhoods.
  • Traditional and natural methods are preferred over engineered solutions. This was strongly linked to the support for regenerative practices and using natural sollutions that provide environmental benefits and support landscape values.
  • Stormwater and recycled water need to be used more effectively to minimise impact on potable water supplies and to stop runoff into our waterways. However, there were some concerns around the quality of water and how to make alternative water sources fit-for-purpose.
  • Innovation is important, but choice is essential particularly regarding housing options and design of neighbourhoods.
  • Collaboration with the community is highly valued to create shared ownership of the solutions and build the capacity of the community to get involved.