Imagine a neighbourhood where water is at the heart of its design. A neighbourhood with tree-lined streets, shaded parks, healthy waterways, and where the community is working together to positively impact the environment.

Is this a neighbourhood you would like to explore, maybe even help design?

We recognise that healthy, productive waterways are vital in helping our cities and neighbourhoods thrive, so we are changing the way we plan to benefit the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment communities.

We are putting water at the centre of neighbourhood design in the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment by using better urban landscaping and design approaches to mimic the natural water cycle and make better use of rainwater, stormwater and recycled water.

We cannot achieve this alone. We are calling on the community to work with us to develop a future vision and integrated water management plan for the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment. This work will help guide the way we use water in homes and businesses, for agriculture, and for the environment.

There are many ways you can be involved in the project. Follow the links to find out how. And don't forget to subscribe to this page for the latest news and events.

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Read about the outcomes of the 21 September community workshop on the future of the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment.

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