The Upper Merri Creek Symposium on 17 October 2019 was an opportunity for project partners, industry stakeholders, community groups and members to come together to discuss how we can deliver on the long-term vision for the Upper Merri Creek sub-catchment.

Around 45 people attended the event, with discussions and presentations ranging from liveable cities to sustainable building solutions, cultural flows and water quality, Aboriginal inclusion to tiny houses in the Netherlands.

A big thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening such a success.

If you missed the event, you can find an overview of the discussion in the agenda at the sidebar of this page. You can also be inspired about sustainability, water sensitive cities and liveability by clicking on the links in the agenda to watch some of the videos shown on the night, reading the full presentations at the bottom of this page, or downloading them from our document library.

The night was filmed, too and we're happy to be sharing the video with you here on this page.

The Upper Merri Creek Symposium